Level 1 Coaching (FOUNDATION)

This course is aimed at beginner coaches, teachers, parents, and volunteers, enabling them to coach social, junior and school teams. This course is in two parts. Part 1 is theory all completed online in your own time. You are able to stop and save your progress then pick it up and continue as you please. Over 2.5 hours the workshop utilises practical delivery, group discussion, and scenario based tasks to develop further confidence and knowledge in Touch couching environments.

 What you will learn 

  • Glossary of Terms - You can't play or coach if you don't know the language. The glossary explains all the terms that you need to know as a beginner coach. T
  • he Coach - This includes the role of a coach, the codes of conduct and your legal responsibilities as a coach. 
  • The Game - The simplified rules of Touch will apply to you as a junior or social coach, you will learn that junior Touch is a modified game and what those differences are, and about safety in sport including first aid. 
  • The Player - In this section you will learn about children in sport, the different stages of growth and development, and physical conditioning. 
  • Coaching Techniques - This includes the basic skills of Touch, drills that you can use, and how you would run a training session with lesson plans. 
  • Tactical Application - This includes team positions, the patterns that are run while playing, the principals of attack and defence, and the best way for teams to substitute players. 

Course Cost: Under the NEW "taking away barriers" initiative. TNZ will cover costs for this course in 2016

Resources: Soft Copies of information, Certificate.

Most provinces in New Zealand expect Junior Provincial coaches to have Level One Touch Coaching Certificate as a minimum standard.

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Level 2 Coaching (DEVELOPMENT)

The Level 2 Coaching Course This course is aimed at coaches seeking a higher level of development enabling the ability to coach adult social teams, junior provincial teams, secondary school teams and to assist in the coaching of adult provincial teams. Click Here


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