Development (Level 2) Course (6 Hours)

*Formally know as the Level 2 progressive Couse. The Touch NZ Coaching Level 2 course is the progression course from the Foundation Level 1 Courses. The course targets those coaches who are looking at developing their coaching skills to the level of elite module teams and junior, college, youth, open and master representative grades. The 6 hour workshop will utilise practical delivery, group discussion and scenario based tasks to develop further confidence and knowledge in technical and tactical trends in the game of touch

Pre-requisite: Touch NZ Level 1 ‘Online’ and ‘Practical’ courses

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Course Cost: Under the NEW "taking away barriers" initiative. TNZ will cover costs for this course in 2018-19Resources:  Soft Copies of Information and  Certificate*Most provinces in New Zealand expect Junior Provincial coaches (Junior Nationals) to have Development (Level 2) Touch Coaching Certificate as an ideal standard.