Turbo Touch program

Through the help of the Sport Canterbury Kiwisport funding Touch Canterbury can deliver the Turbo Touch Program to more than 3'500 kids in schools each year.

About the program

The Turbo Touch program gives kids an introduction into the game of touch with a simplified version and some modified rules to relate well with other sports for an easy understanding. This provides boys and girls with a good opportunity to learn and improve on thieir fundamental skills such as run, catch and pass, whilst learning about evasion and spatial awareness. This is also a great way to have fun while being active.

Kids who partake in the program are given 5 different 30 minute sessions. They will get the chance to practise these skills and be able to use them in game senarios. For schools that enjoy their Turbo Touch experience, Touch Canterbury are able to assist with finding a touch module around Canterbury that you can play in.

How can you help

You can encourage your child to be active and involved with Touch and all the fun along with the game.

Other ways you can help is by becoming a volunteer coach or manager of the team. Touch Canterbury can assist with upskilling coaches of all levels by providing free courses.