Performance (Level 3) Coaching Course (2 Days)

Practical and assignmentCourse Cost: $100.00 per participantResources: Coaching Manual, Log Book, Certificate*

Formally known as Touch NZ Level 2 Course

The Touch NZ Coaching Performance (Level 3) course targets those coaches who are looking at developing their coaching skills to the level of module, provincial, national teams. The course is a 16 hour presentation and covers the art of coaching, selections, physical preparation, Grids, drills, practical assessments, and game plans.A pre-course assignment is required to be completed prior to the course. A post-course assignment and a log book is required to be completed for participants to attain the Performance Touch Coaching Certificate. Practical assessments of  Performance (level 3) participants are only provided at Touch New Zealand sanctioned tournaments.Most provinces in New Zealand expect Provincial coaches of performance Youth and Adult teams to have Performance (Level 3) Touch Coaching Certificate as a minimum standard.‚Äč

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