The purpose of these documents are to provide referees with guidelines on how to deal with certain instances that they may face as a referee and how to correctly report these instances.


Foul Play Guidelines: The purpose of this document is to provide referees with an indication of the type of sanction that may need to be applied in certain situations. This is to avoid sanctions being to ‘light’ and letting players and spectators off with lower sanction than they deserve. These suggested sanctions in the document are just guidelines to follow, each situation on the field is unique and may require a different approach to what the document suggests. However, what we don’t want is punches being thrown and players, coaches and spectators getting a verbal warning and not a send off, for example. 

On field Guidelines: The on field guidelines highlight the process that MUST be taken on the field when dealing with a foul play incident or any other serious incident. It is important that you familiarise yourself with this process as you may not only have to do it yourself, you may need to educate others on how the process works. Key points in this process include remaining calm, applying the appropriate sanction as per the foul play guidelines and then reporting it quickly after the match.

Off field Guidelines: These guidelines are all about how to successfully and accurately report and follow up on an incident after the match has been completed. Unfortunately this season we haven’t done this part of the process very well. You MUST complete an incident report and provide it to the appropriate person as soon as possible after the match so that they can take the appropriate action. We always use the official Touch New Zealand incident reporting form which can be found on their website